Thiru Kumaran Muthiah

Chief Digital Officer

Thiru Kumaran brings a wealth of global expertise, having played pivotal roles at Fortune 100 companies such as PayPal, Tesla, Citi, LPL Financials, Western Digital, and more. His contributions have been instrumental in creating scalable, high-performance global systems, setting industry standards across diverse sectors including fintech, financial services, supply chain, healthcare, government, and automotive.

What truly sets Thiru Kumaran apart is his unwavering commitment to social impact. He’s not just a technologist; he’s a force for positive change. He has championed financial inclusion, developing platforms that empower rural communities in India through microloans. His dedication extends to his hometown, Madurai, which he envisions as a thriving technology hub with the potential to make a billion-dollar impact. Collaborating with ELCOT, Thiru Kumaran leads efforts to establish an IT development and data centre, poised to generate over 25,000 employment opportunities.

Thiru Kumaran’s philanthropic initiatives are equally impressive. Through his Prapanjam project, he has transformed the lives of 2,600 women in 21 villages near Madurai by providing livelihood opportunities. His ‘Paint the Planet Green’ initiative has made remarkable strides in environmental sustainability, successfully planting over a lakh palm seeds and nurturing thousands of saplings.

Thiru Kumaran holds an MBA in Strategy from the esteemed Great Lakes Institute of Management, coupled with a B.Tech. in Computer Science from the renowned Madras Institute of Technology.